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How do I register my property for holiday rental

In the line with many other regions in Spain, the Junta de Andalucía (Andalusian government) finally published the decree to regulate holiday rentals (viviendas con fines turísticos) in Andalucía on 11th February 2016. The law became operative on the 11th May 2016, after which all owners who advertise their holiday home as tourist accommodation must register in the Registro de Turismo de Andalucía.

It will be compulsory to have all the short-term rental holiday homes registered and fines will be applied to those owners and agencies that do not have the tourist registration.

How to register your holiday rental in Andalucia

If you have an electronic signature (‘firma electrónica’) you can do the whole process online. If not, you should complete the online registration form “Declaración responsable para el acceso o ejercicio de la actividad”, then you can print it off and present the application form at one of the offices listed below.
The main application details must include the owner’s details, since as an owner you are held completely responsible for your property and the activity as tourist accommodation unless you have given another party Power of Attorney to be your legal representative. If you have a property manager or agency managing your holiday rental, you can nominate them to take care of the registration, be available for the inspection, etc.
Together with the application form, you must make available copies of the following documentation:

• Paperwork from when you bought the property, including the ‘referencia catastral’ (land registry reference), which you should find on an IBI receipt or sometimes on your title deeds (‘Escritura’)
• The licence of first occupation (‘Licencia de Primer Ocupación’), or equivalent certificate, such as the ‘Cedula de Habitabilidad’.
• Property owner details, including an address where notifications can be sent.
• NIE and passport or Spanish DNI and full address where the owner resides

Minimum requirements for tourist accommodation:

First License Occupation or equivalent certificate, such as the ‘Cedula de Habitabilidad’ (Habitability Certificate)
Admission document stating at least the name of the person or organization that operates the property, the alphanumeric registration code in the Andalusian Tourist Registry, the number of people who will be taking them, the dates of entries and Departures, total prices and contact telephone number.
Bed linen and household linen.
Curtains in all rooms (shading systems like blinds, blackout curtains, shutters)
Direct ventilation to the exterior or to patios.
Have information and instructions on the operation of appliances or other devices that require it for use.
First aid kit.
Book of Tourist information about the zone.
Complaints and claims sheets.
Deliver a proof of payment (no invoice with VAT, just a receipt as received): At no time do we speak of business activity, so with a proof of payment, I insist VAT is enough.
Air conditioning, in rooms and lounges: months from May to September, both inclusive.
Heating by fixed elements in rooms and lounges: months from October to April, both inclusive (term for installation until 11/05/2017)
(Air conditioning will not be required when the property or building is classified as a Property of Cultural Interest and the level of protection prevents any kind of work, modification or intervention necessary to comply with the requirement).

The registration process is started by submitting the form online, or to the Tourism Office in your locality (see below). An inspection should take place sometime after presenting, but as there is a huge delay in the inspection process, the Junta de Andalucía are granting registration numbers beforehand, as long as your paperwork is in order.

When you submit your application you will be issued with a reference code, which proves you have presented your application. The code starts CTC and can be found at the top of your “responsible declaration”. You should be able to use this in your advertising to show you are within the process.
If you do not present your ‘Declaración Responsable’ and continue to advertise the property as tourist accommodation, it will be considered an illegal activity.

Where to submit your form
Once you have completed the application form it can be submitted online (if you have a ‘certificado digital, or ‘firma electronica’), or presented at your regional tourism department – the office of Delegaciones Territoriales de Cultura, Turismo y Deporte (click to find your local office). We are able to do on your behalf – please read more about our holiday rental registration service for Andalucia.
You can also submit your form via the post office (correos).

The Inspection Process
An inspection of your property will be carried out during the application process. Within the Declaración Responsable you can name a representative, who will then be contacted to confirm an inspection date.
Inspections may be carried out during guest occupation. The inspector will ask to see all your paperwork i.e. Licence of First Occupation, Title Deeds, etc. so do have these ready to show them.
If a property does not meet the structural requirements of the decree, for example if you do not have air-conditioning or heating. Or if you have not got a copy of your Licence of First Occupation, you will be given one year to get the property into the required condition for rental.

As you can see, the entire procedure can be done by each owner by himself, which is quite complicated, or through our agency. We can deal with this complicated process. For this, it is necessary to send us the documentation described (if we don´t have it) here and our agency would do all the processing.

Management of Tourist Home Registration.

For those owners who wish to contract our Short Term Rental Management Service, we will carry out the proces as exclusive operating agency through our digital signature. The amount of this management will be 199 euros + VAT, and it includes as well the proces of the cessation of the activity if you wish.

For the processing we need the following data:
Name, ID, email and telephone (We should have it in our date base)
Street, town and zip code
Street, town and zip code.
* CATASTRAL REFERENCE NUMBER OF RENTING ACCOMMODATION (must have 20 digits). We can get in Internet.
This is found in the Title Deeds, on the first page.
Only if we don´t have this information in our office and you do not provide this documentation previously.

This package of tourist apartments registration includes:
First aid Box + installation.
Book of Complaints and claims.
Tourist Dossier required.

You can register your property now by filling out the following form: